2018. A New Year Musical Resolution.

Learn to play a guitar….

Or the instrument of your choice, really. Let’s face it, if you only bought a guitar to woo a lady with your skills, save the douchebaggery and invest in some Ed Sheerhan tickets or something! 🙂 🙂

If you want to be proficient enough to play at parties, all you need to do is learn four chords – G, C, F and A

But, hey, if you’ve always wanted to learn to shred, there are ways to stay motivated. We have a great selection of tutor books and DVDs in store that will get you started, but having the one on one experience with a teacher allows you to ask questions.


We have a list of proficient teachers across Cornwall that we can put you in touch with, so why not call in, have a talk and try out the instrument of your choice and then take a course of lessons. You never know, you might just be the next big sensation, but at least you can be the life and soul of any party……..and of course, we also have a great range of starter instruments at fantastic prices available for you to spend your Christmas money on!

CHECK OUT OUR “Products” pages NOW!  or better still, why not pop in to our store and let us advise you on the instrument of your choice? ……………….Go on you know you ant to! 🙂