All New Yamaha Rydeen Kit coming to City Music, Truro soon!

Rydeen is the Japanese God of Thunder, and these drums live up to the name. They give the entry-level player a high-quality kit at a price point never before offered by Yamaha. The six-ply Mahogany shells have a warm tone and lots of bottom end, and the kit includes double-braced hardware.

The new RYDEEN (5-piece shell pack) is exactly what any beginner or intermediate player would love to play. This drum set utilizes Yamaha hardware featuring Genuine Yamaha tom and pipe clamps and features solid and glitter finishes, each with three color options, for a total of six vibrant, stylish looks.

Yamaha Rydeen Y

The level of equipment and manufacturing techniques found in Yamaha’s Rydeen 5-Piece Drum Set easily equals that of kits costing hundreds more. The 6-ply Philippine mahogany shells are built with Yamaha’s Air Seal System, providing exceptional durability. The bass hoop is made of real wood with an inlay that matches the shell. All hardware is double-braced and the set includes a pair of ball clamp mounts and tom holders.

Philippine Mahogany Shell – Yamaha has been making drums for over 35 years and we are constantly experimenting to learn more about what makes a great drum. It is with that knowledge that we have been able to extract a richer sound from these new drums. The shells are manufactured using our exclusive Air Seal System. This technique, while enhancing the characteristics of the wood, also ensures that every drum shell is perfectly round, of uniform thickness, and creates a stronger, more durable shell. Even our least expensive entry-level drums are made using this process.

Lugs – Rydeen uses the same small low-mass lugs as the YD series used. They are a very clean, simple design. The lugs are a spring-less design to prevent them from rattling.

Bass Drum Spurs – The bass drum spurs are a simple yet sturdy design. They are pre-set for optimum height but will fold close to the shell for transport

Omni-ball Tom Holders – A pair of Yamaha’s famed Ball Clamp Mounts and tom holders mounted in the Rydeens’s bass drum ofter maxinum freedom when setting up the drums.

Yamaha Rydeen Drum Kit Specifications:


  • 22″ Bass Drum
  • 10″ x 8″, 12″ x 9″ Universal Toms
  • 14″ x 14″ Floor Tom
  • 14″ x 5 1/2″ Snare.


  • CS651W Cymbal Stand
  • HS650W Hi-Hat Stand with chain drive
  • SS650W Snare Stand
  • FP6110 Kick pedal with belt drive
  • CL940BM Tom Mounts x2

Cymbals: (Optional)

  • 3 piece Yamaha branded Paiste 101 cymbal pack (14” hats, 16” crash and 20” ride).