Can I purchase online?

We do not have an e-commerce website, BUT we offer a “Call to collect/ dispatch” reservation system via email or telephone. Please contact us and we call you back, discuss your requirements, confirm prices, process your card and provide “call to collect” or next working day delivery.

Do you service and repair musical instruments?

We have our own in-store workshop where we do a considerable amount of servicing and repair requirements on most instruments, however if we are unable to repair, we have a list of qualified service technicians that we can recommend you use.

What if I cannot see what I am looking for in store or on your website?

Please do contact us, even if we do not regularly stock a product we still may be able to get most items and offer a competitive price. Give us a try!

Do you “Price-Match” with other Internet suppliers?

We carefully monitor our “online competitors” regularly and adjust our prices to try to offer you a “good deal”. However when you buy from us we usually offer a far better “package” than the internet suppliers which includes a demonstration, help and advice with use and a great after sales service. If you think you have been offered a better all round deal then please talk to us first.

Can I re-string my right-handed guitar to use for a left-handed player?

Although some guitars seemingly look as though they can be used left-handed, it is not and ideal solution as it was not designed for that purpose. We do stock a range of left-handed guitars. Call in and talk to us.

Can I learn to play piano on a 4 or 5 octave keyboard?

You can learn the basic notes and scales with a budget keyboard, but you will not gain the benefit of “touch-sensitivity” and the feel of the weighted keys used on a piano. These days “digital pianos” start from a very reasonable price and if playing the piano is important to you it is worth buying one to learn on.

Do you offer teaching facilities?

We currently do not have in-store teaching, however we do have a large register of qualified teachers for various instruments based all over the County. Please give us a call and we can put you in touch with a suitable tutor.

How should I care for my instrument?

Keep your instrument in tune. Avoid placing your instrument near direct sources of heat such as radiators and windows as this can lead to problems. Keep your instrument clean and free from dust and dirt. Use a soft clean cloth to wipe keys and clean your strings after playing as the acid from your fingers can cause corrosion. Avoid using polishes unless specifically stated for your instrument. Get a stand for your guitar, violin or woodwind instrument rather than packing it away (it will make you play it more often!). With woodwind instruments, after practice, use a pull-through to remove the build-up of moisture, as this can damage the pads on the keys and if not playing for a while insert a pad saver to protect the pads. Make sure you have a protective case or gig bag for taking your instrument out and about. Above all, play it regularly and enjoy it!

What instrument should I choose for my child to learn?

Some parents have their kids in compulsory violin lessons as toddlers. Others wait for the muse to strike. Whichever camp you fall into, you want the money you spend on instruments and music lessons to have the maximum impact. See which instrument excites your child. It’s never a good idea to just pick an instrument and tell the child they are going to learn it. Taking your child to a concert is a great way to introduce a number of instruments at once. If they like a particular one, take them to a music store or someplace they can touch and try it. Show them instruments until you find one that sparks their interest.