Give your musical instrument some love….tips from City Music.

All instruments benefit from a little love and attention to keep them in perfect working order.

What you need to do depends on what you play, and if you’re a singer you need to look after your voice.
Many of the things to think about are common sense. for example,
Keep your instrument away from direct heat and extremes of temperature.Wooden instruments can warp, which makes them
play out of tune.
When you’ve finished playing, put your instrument in its case – if you leave it lying around it could get damaged.
Use a stand for your guitar or banjo and if you lean it against something, make sure the strings can’t be knocked.
When you assemble your clarinet, oboe or bassoon, make sure you don’t damage the key-work. If the fit is too tight, put cork grease onto the cork joints.
If you play a brass instrument, make sure the valves move smoothly by applying some valve oil to them.
If you’re a woodwind player, use a ‘pull-through’ to remove the condensation that builds up inside when you play.
Keep your reeds in a reed case to protect them.
Have your piano tuned at least once a year.
Use a duster to clean the strings on stringed instruments – acid from your fingers can damage them.
Make sure you have a sturdy case or gig bag for travelling  with your instrument.


If your instrument is a little too poorly, then give us a call and we can give it a full service and restore it back to its original glory. for more details click here.