Ibanez RGIX28FEQM 8 string



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An ultrafast playing experience across all 8 strings and a gorgeous quilted maple top.

Meet Ibanez’s new made-for-metal guitar series, Iron Label. Working from the chassis of their famous RG, they modded and tweaked with the heaviest of metal in mind. The RGIX28FEQMs quilted maple top and basswood body hits that perfect formula comfortable weight and rich in sustain. With jumbo frets and bound ebony fingerboard, playing speed and comfort are carried to a new level by the original innovators of the fast neck, with their latest Nitro Wizard-8 neck design.

No matter what your signal chain, an EMG 808 in the neck position and an EMG 808 in the bridge guarantees a thick, complex distortion from which to carve your signature sound. It also has a reliable Gibraltar Standard 8 bridge, and a performance-enhancing killswitch that puts you in command of a head-turning strobe effect. With the purposefully Spartan Iron Label, you won’t find a feature here that doesn’t contribute directly to waking the dead.

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