Roland RD-2000: Stage Piano



Digital Pianos, Keyboards & Synths

The ultimate stage piano for live performance

The RD-2000 is the professional’s dream. With two dedicated sound engines you have the best in acoustic and electric piano samples at your fingertips. And talking about your fingers, you’ll love the most natural feeling keys Roland have ever put on a piano. The PHA-50 progressive hammer-action keys are the same ones used on Roland’s top of the line LX series home pianos; they feel like you’re playing a high end acoustic grand piano and the action is smooth and perfectly weighted.

The innovations don’t stop there either, not only have Roland installed a plethora of ensemble sounds, but thanks to the audio and MIDI interface you can use any samples you want. Control your DAW from the RD-2000 or simply pick your favourite samples, all whilst playing the best feeling keys you’ve ever tried.

With 4 pedal inputs, pitch bender and modulation wheels, you can manipulate and craft your sound like never before. You can assign different sounds to each of the 8 assignable zones or layer your sound up with 8 individual layers. You can recall any one of a 100 ‘scenes’ that you have stored in the RD-2000’s memory. All of your favourite configurations and setups at the touch of a button.

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