Roland TD25kV Series Electronic Drum Kit



Drums & Perc

The TD-25 drum module features sounds created using the incredible SuperNATURAL engine that Roland developed for their flagship TD-30 kits. A varied palette of sounds for jazz, pop, rock, electronic or any hybrid style your imagination can handle. Great sound is one thing but it’s the integration with Roland drum hardware where the TD-25 really shines, offering you different articulations through flams, rim shots, swells and rolls.

One incredible electronic brain for a truly expressive instrument. Along with being a great drum kit for live playing or in the studio, the TD-25 also offers a range of record/playback and practice features that allow you to get your chops down playing at home. Price includes Stool, Sticks & Headphones!

ONLY £2369. Buy in store today or call 01872 271359 today!