Vox AC Custom Valve Amps.


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Amps & P.A.

The big sell for the AC-series amps back in the late-’50s/early ’60s was their 15 and 30 watts of ‘undistorted’ power.

Fender, too, thought that was what guitarists wanted, because that’s exactly what guitarists asked for. What they got, however, was the most glorious by-product: overdrive.The AC15 does sound magnificent when clean, but listen carefully to those amps or this and it’s rarely completely undistorted. That harmonically rich drive that was never supposed to be there is the key characteristic that latter day AC users find hardest to replicate.The simple fact is that now you can. It doesn’t have the magic of the best ’60s originals, but it’s only fair to balance that by pointing out that we’ve played more than our fair share of vintage dogs too.

The AC15 is so much more than a half-measure. There’s literally nothing else quite like it out there. Also available AC30c2.

Our price AC15 £599  AC30 £869.00 ask in store for details