Ukuleles……the coolest instrument on the planet!

The UKULELE………….

There are ukulele groups popping up all around the country. Ukulele covers of popular songs have flooded YouTube channels, and you know something has truly hit the mainstream when the purists come out bemoaning its popularity. Quite simply, it’s everywhere. So, with that in mind, we felt it was high time we shone the spotlight on one of the coolest instruments there is. First up though, a bit of background. What is a ukulele?

A Brief History Of The Ukulele

In the 19th century, a group of Portuguese immigrants found their way to the small island of Hawaii carrying ‘machetes’. Now, the image of the Portuguese stood on the beaches with machetes wasn’t as traumatic for the Hawaiians as it sounds. The machetes in question were actually small acoustic guitar-like instruments which, perhaps wisely, the native Hawaiians rebranded as ‘ukuleles’.

This was a rough translation of ‘jumping flea’ on account of the speed at which the player’s fingers moved up and down the fretboard. The new islanders quickly became popular as a result of their regular street concerts, which caught the eyes and ears of King Kalakaua and became incorporated into the royal orchestra. From there, a legend was born.

The ukulele quickly became known in the United States, and grew in popularity with both players and music fans alike. Fast forward to now and this dainty little four stringer has become ubiquitous; hardly a TV advert break can pass without some kind of perky uke accompaniment. Couple its popularity with its simplicity and you have a party to which everyone’s invited.

Ukes        Ukuleles    ukuleles

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